How to Choose Your Security Camera


Feeling safe is an innate human desire. Just as, nowadays, we protect ourselves online against identity theft, so too is it important to protect our physical, personal home or office spaces. Installing security cameras in your home or office is a great way of monitoring your personal territory remotely, 24/7. Whether you are overlooking your possessions, family members, or office data, recorded security camera footage provides the key evidence needed to track down possible intruders. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your security camera.


Night Vision: Cameras with night vision, known as infrared cameras, are optimal for securing your personal spaces. Many robberies or intrusions occur at nighttime. If your security camera cannot record footage in the nighttime, then you might as well not have a camera at all. Infrared cameras automatically switch between color and black and white recording to accommodate the quality of light available at any given time. This automatic feature ensures that your security camera will be prepared to capture footage of your intruder no matter when said intruder invades your space.


Domed: Domed cameras get their name from their spherical shape. Their dome provides a wider recording range, making these cameras better able to survey every angle of your property’s happenings. The benefit to installing these domed cameras is that their recording capabilities can span a vast surface area, moreso than non-domed cameras.


Hidden Cameras: For maximum security, you may consider investing in a hidden camera. Disguised as a fake smoke detector, garden sprinkler, or the like, hidden cameras record video surveillance of your property in disguise, preventing robbers from tampering with footage or disabling the cameras themselves, ensuring you will always have a video recording should you need one. A flaw with these types of cameras, however, is that they generally do not come equipped with infrared technology, so their captured footage quality is low in dim light. A possible remedy to for these disparaging pros and cons is to install one hidden and one infrared camera for maximum surveillance.


Wired vs. Wireless: Though wireless cameras may be easier on the eyes in a decorative sense, choosing a wired camera often allots more benefits than downfalls. The quality of video taken with wired cameras is oftentimes much better, due to the steady and strong power source, than that of wireless cameras. In terms of general lifespan, wired cameras also typically last much longer than wireless cameras.


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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Car Secure


  1. Always lock your car – While this may seem obvious, fifty percent of car thefts are due to unlocked vehicles. So remember to lock your car when you’re leaving it behind. Consider having an alarm system installed as well. This will ensure that even when your door is locked, thieves will not be able to break in and take your car.
  2. Park in well-lit areas – Lighting deters thieves. They don’t want to be seen doing criminal activities, so if there is a well-lit area, they won’t even bother. Even if it means parking further away, find a place that is lit well and near heavy traffic. If the surrounding area seems unsafe, valet. This will keep you safe as well.
  3. Never leave a running car – Many people like to turn on their car in the morning and go back inside and grab coffee. While this may be a great way to warm up your car, this is also a great way to have your car stolen. Thieves would like nothing better than to just jump into your car and drive off. Don’t make it easy for them.
  4. Never leave your title and registration in your car – This will help thieves sell your car after they have stolen it. While it may be easy to leave your title at home, you do need to carry your registration with you. Consider carrying your registration in your purse or wallet, and you can have peace of mind. Your title should be stored safely within your home.
  5. Completely close your windows – On hot days it seems like a great idea to leave your windows cracked to allow some air circulation in your vehicle, but some thieves will use this as an opportunity to overpower your car’s engineering. Some windows can be pushed down, leaving your car open to thieves to enter.
  6. Back into your driveway if you have rear wheel drive – Sometimes thieves just tow cars away. If you want to prevent this from happen park with the driving wheel away from the street. This is because the driving wheel stays locked when not in use, making it impossible for would be tow thieves to take your vehicle.
  7. If you have a garage use it – Don’t even invite the idea of theft. Keep your car in your garage away from criminal eyes. Don’t forget to keep your garage locked as well. Make it as hard as possible to steal your vehicle.

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Security Systems for Your Home:


Installing security systems for your home is very important in this day and age. Many robberies and home invasions can be solved if you simply set up the tools necessary to guard your house. These tools vary from cameras to complex alarm systems that will make sure that criminals who break into your home will not get away. A security system is more affordable than ever and it is time for you to start looking into the reasons why you should get one.

If you purchase a security system you will never feel unsafe leaving your home again. When going on vacation or many times when you simply go to work it can feel very dangerous to leave your home unguarded. With a security system your home is always protected so you can feel safe. If you have ever suffered a home invasion then you understand the crippling fear that can come from wondering if your home is safe at all hours of the day. There are systems that will call you to alert you if anything happens at your home that you need to be aware of. Security systems that will protect both your assets and your family are vital if you intend to live a happy life. Many of these systems are easy for your kids to use and access for their own protection as well.

A security system will also protect you through the night. With alarm trips set up within your house you will know the instant that someone steps into your home. If there is a break in the police will be called and the perpetrators will be captured. Cameras that are set up around your house will videotape the invaders in question and allow them to be prosecuted by the full extent of the law. Security systems also protect you from vandals. If vandals come by your home to trash your lawn or throw eggs at your house you can rest assured knowing that your security cameras captured the perpetrators. Many times these vandals are simply friends of your kids at school so you can contact their parents and make sure that they receive the proper lesson and punishment for their actions.

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Setting Up Home Security:

2Setting up the security in your home can be an overwhelming process because it deals directly with the most vital thing, your livelihood.

There are many security companies out there that will not keep you and your family as safe as you need to be.

To set up an amazing security system you have to hire a company that you can trust, a company that will make it easy for you to check up on your homes security whenever you need to.

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Great Films with Surveillance Systems:

1Great Films with Surveillance Systems:
When you think of film you probably don’t think of surveillance systems but security cameras have been taken the starring role in films since the 1990s. Here are 3 films where surveillance systems take the lead role, or at least stay relevant to the plot.

Clerks. (1994):
Clerks, directed by Kevin Smith, are about a day in the life of two convenience store clerks. Dante Hicks, played by actor Brian O’Halloran, and Randal Graves, played by actor Jeff Anderson. The whole film is filmed from security camera angles. The antics in the film include; annoying costumers, dealers and questioning your whole life existence.

Panic Room (2002):

A single mother, Jodie Foster, and her diabetic daughter, Kristen Stewart, have to use safe room, their strength, intelligence and home surveillance to combat a trio of robbers searching for a missing fortune. The use of surveillance systems in this film are not only used for its cinematography but also used to help protagonists combat their intruders.

The Purge (2013):

A wealthy family is held hostage for harboring an individual during a future holiday called “The Purge”, a holiday where all crime is legalized for 12 hours. The individual is a target for murder by a small group that is mostly captured on the silver screen by the family’s surveillance system.

These films are just three of many where the uses of surveillance systems are used to maintain the plot.

SecuritAll has all of your personal or professional surveillance system’s needs, not saying your experience with surveillance will be as extreme as the films but definitely as useful!

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Experience the New Cleo IP System

Video security options have become more advanced as technology improves, particularly with video security cameras. These cameras are often available in high definition, giving you clear pictures to ensure the security of your business. Choosing the new Cleo IP security system by Revo America gives business owners instant access to their security cameras when something is detected, no matter what time of the day or night.

What Does the System Include?

The latest Cleo IP security system includes a total of four video security systems and a 2TB HD NVR for recording the video the cameras take. Of the four cameras, two of them are HD 720p dome cameras and two of them are HD 720p bullet cameras, giving you many options for camera placement. The four included cameras provide you with a large coverage area, though larger businesses may want to consider adding additional cameras to the system.

Get Fast Notification

This new security camera system gives business owners peace of mind while they are away from the business, particularly when it is closed. When you set up the system, you can enable video push notifications on your iOS or Android mobile device. In addition to recording the video, the Cleo IP security system will send you a notification and a video feed within five seconds of a trigger. The trigger can be either your alarm system or an invader trigger. This notification will allow you to view the video, starting from three seconds before the trigger event.

System Status Notifications

Another great feature of the Cleo IP security system is the ability to route system status notifications to your mobile device or email. You can receive notification when:

  • A security camera is out.
  • HDD is not detected.
  • Someone attempts to clear the HDD.
  • Someone logs in remotely.
  • Someone attempts to disable the system locally.

These notifications can help you quickly identify potential intruders and take the proper action to protect your business. Few other video security systems provide you with this level of notification.

A Trusted Brand

If you are having difficulty choosing a video security system for your business, you need a brand you can trust. The Cleo IP security system is made by Revo America, one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance systems in the country. This means you can trust the quality of the cameras, NVR and wiring that is used to create your system. With the addition of lifetime support services, you can feel confident in this new security system to protect your business.

Protecting your business requires a good security system that includes video security cameras. The new Cleo IP security system is a great option that provides you with the coverage you require and the notifications to identify and stop threats more quickly. It also eliminates the need to hire a security guard to keep watch over the monitors.

If you are looking for the right video security cameras and systems for your business, contact us to find out more about the Cleo IP security system.

Advantages of Adding Video Surveillance to Your Small Business

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a successful business. If you don’t take the proper steps to protect your investment, you could be putting your business at an unnecessary risk. One of the best ways to properly protect your business is to install a security system that includes at least one video surveillance camera. This CCTV system will provide you with many advantages.

Watch Your Business When You Can’t

As a small business owner, you spend a lot of hours in the office, making sure everything operates smoothly. However, it’s impossible to be there at all times. For those times when you aren’t there, such as after the business closes for the night or when you are away on vacation, your video surveillance camera can serve as your eyes. Depending on the security system you purchase, you may even be able to login remotely from a mobile device so you can keep an eye on things without being there in person.

Reduce Your Costs

A good CCTV security system can help you reduce your business costs in multiple ways. When you prove that you use video surveillance cameras in your business, you will be able to reduce your premiums for your business insurance because you have taken an extra step to lower your risk of loss. Because you are adding this security measure to offset the cost of insurance, you can save your business and your customers money. Many companies need to raise their prices to make up for shoplifting and other issues. Well placed closed-circuit cameras can significantly reduce this risk, allowing you to keep your prices lower.

Eliminate Fraudulent Claims

Small businesses are often targets for fraud because they don’t often have the same resources as their larger counterparts. However, if you have a video surveillance camera installed as part of your security system, you will have indisputable footage of what really happens at your business. If someone makes a false claim against your business, a CCTV security system will prevent the problem by showing live, accurate footage of any incident. Anyone who misses the cameras and attempts to file a claim will find they won’t be successful because of the precautions you have taken.

As a small business owner, it is essential to protect your investment so your business can grow and flourish. The installation of a video surveillance camera as part of a security system will give you a better chance at success. The advantages a CCTV system can provide to your business far outweigh the costs of installing and maintaining the system, allowing you to reduce your costs, keep any eye on your business while you are away and eliminate potential fraudulent claims.

If you own your own business and want to make sure you have all the protection you need for success, contact us to find out what type of video surveillance system is right for you.

Caught on Tape: A Tennessee Tornado

Most people think of using a video surveillance system as a way to detect intruders and to serve as evidence when something goes wrong. While this is the primary purpose of a security system with a monitor that is used in homes and businesses, some of the footage it captures may surprise you and create informative videos that can leave a lasting impact on those who see them. Take the example of this Tennessee tornado that was captured on a video surveillance system made by Revo America.

Safely Get Close to the Action

When you watch this video that shows what happens to an area when a tornado comes in close proximity, you get to learn more about the dangers of tornadoes and the type of damage they can create. Many people have tried to videotape tornadoes in action, but they often can’t get close enough to get an effective video without risking their lives. The use of a Revo security system with a monitor allows you to get close to the action, such as this tornado, while taking the necessary steps to seek shelter and stay safe.

Insurance Purposes

Insurance companies typically want proof of damage that has been done before they will pay out a claim. Sometimes this proof can be difficult to obtain. However, a video surveillance system can help you document and prove your claims to the insurance company and get your insurance payments more quickly. Think about this video. The video clearly shows much of the damage that occurred in the yard of this home. This can prove what happened and give the insurance company concrete evidence of the damage. If the homeowner had not set up a security system with a monitor, he would not have the destruction caused by this tornado documented in a video.

An Interesting Video Record

When your home is impacted by a major event, such as the Tennessee tornado caught by the Revo America video surveillance system, some people want a video recollection detailing and describing the events that took place. Most security systems record the footage for a period of time, allowing you to transfer the video to a format you can save. Then the footage will be available to remember the events and share them with future generations.

When you set up a security system with a monitor, you may not expect to actually capture anything as devastating and destructive as the Tennessee tornado. These systems are designed to capture someone who is breaking into a home or business, committing vandalism or participating in another type of crime. If severe weather hits or another act of nature impacts your home or business, your security system can provide you with video evidence that can serve a variety of purposes.

If you are amazed at the clarity of the Tennessee tornado video captured by a Revo America security camera, contact us to learn more about the systems we offer.

Monitor on the Go with Revo Mobile App

In the past businesses used a video surveillance system to watch for shoplifters and other individuals who may cause trouble on the sales floor. In addition, they would use them to monitor the premises outside business hours. In both cases, business owners would have to hire security guards to watch over the surveillance monitors. Today, they don’t have to spend the money hiring someone to do this job. Instead, business owners can use the Revo America mobile app to track their security cameras.

Event Triggers

When you utilize a surveillance system that works with the Revo America mobile app, you will have the flexibility to program the system to alert you for different events. What this means is you can choose to send notifications if an invader trips the system or if your alarm system is triggered. In either case, the security camera will automatically send you a video feed that shows what is going on at your business, starting from about three seconds before the event triggered the notification. This allows you to closely monitor emergency situations, without being physically present.

System Status Notifications

In addition to showing you what is going on through your video surveillance system, the Revo America mobile app can provide you with other system notifications to help you maintain the system. For instance, this app can let you know when someone is attempting to clear the HDD, log into the system remotely or unlock the system from the physical location. In addition, you can receive alerts when a specific camera stops working or when there are other problems with the system, allowing you to feel confident that your security cameras are all working properly to keep your building secure.

Works with Most Devices

The Revo mobile application works with most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets that utilize iOS and Android operating systems. Because of the large number of devices that use these two operating systems, you can keep in touch with your business from just about anywhere. You can also grant access to multiple people so that you don’t have to handle all the monitoring on your own. You can have the freedom to pass on some of the responsibility to your managers or to divide the responsibility between multiple employees allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the business or to relax at home.

With today’s advanced technology, almost everything can be handled with the use of a mobile device. Your video surveillance system is no different. The Revo mobile app works with Revo America security cameras to show you what is happening when an event triggers the system at your business, as well as gives you notification of other important events. This can help you keep close track of the security of your business, giving you access from anywhere and allowing you to share the responsibilities with others on your staff.

If you are interested in using a mobile app to control and track your surveillance system, contact us to find out how.