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9 Channel 12V Power Supply

9 Channel 12V Power Supply


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The REP3DC12-9-10 is a Revo Elite professional grade power supply, supplying and protecting Revo Elite cameras with electronically filtered and regulated power. The REP3DC12-9-10 has nine (9) PTC protected outputs that deliver 12VDC up to 10A. PTC protection ensures that your cameras are safe from surges in power and can automatically reset when safe. In short, when working with higher end, power hungry cameras, this is the power supply for the job. Know instantly when power is delivered to your cameras via nine (9) LEDs that illuminate when a connection is made. Keep a streamlined control panel for your Revo Elite system’s power. The REP3DC12-9-10 keeps your camera’s power management conveniently and safely managed. Indoor use only.

Specs and design can change without previous notice